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Interested in Saving Time & Money?

If you are, then you should take advantage of our Direct Withdraw or Direct Deposit payment options for your GAP remittance payment!

Direct Withdraw Option

With Direct Withdraw, we pull the funds from your designated Checking or GL account.

To get setup for Direct Withdraw, please have your accounting department complete the below ACH Authorization form. For security purposes, we suggest that you fax it to 513-697-9383 or email Customer Service at cs@visualgap.com for a secure link. The ACH Contact Person fields should be filled in with a person or department that you would like to be notified when the ACH is initiated (a department email is a great one to use for these payments).
Download the ACH Authorization Form
Below are the procedures that will be in place for your GAP remittance once you have the ACH Deposit process setup:
  1. Balance your GAP Monthly Remittance Report as normal. Then email your remittance reports and any cancellations that your are netting out to gapprocessing@visualgap.com. Our GAP Processing team will be notified and
  2. Our GAP Processing team will be notified and will process within 7 to 10 business days.
  3. The ACH contact person/department will receive an automated message once the ACH is initiated, indicating the date and amount of the ACH.

Direct Deposit Option

With the Direct Deposit option, you will drop the funds into our designated checking account.

To get setup for the Direct Deposit option, please have your accounting department send an email request to Lisa Markwell lmarkwell@frostinsure.com. Include a phone number and the name of your financial institution for verification purposes. Lisa will call you to verify the request before any banking information is sent out via email.
Below are the procedures that will be in place for your GAP remittance once you have the Direct Deposit process setup:
  1. Balance your GAP Monthly Remittance Report as normal and email your remittance reports and any cancellations that you are netting out to gapprocessing@visualgap.com.
  2. Initiate the payment to our designated account.

Regardless of which option you choose

it's much more efficient than printing and mailing checks! If you have any questions about the above options, please reach out to our Customer Service Department

Holy Cow Batman! Depreciation is Back!

Thankfully GAP is here to save the Day!
OK, that is a bit corny, but sometimes you have to find humor when paying large claims like this one. This brand new 2023 Charger had a window sticker of $52,860 in January 2024 when the loan was made. Two months later the primary carrier (not to be named but has good hands) paid $36,915.50 for a total loss.

That is a cool 30% reduction in value in just 60 days. Fortunately for this member they purchased GAP with their loan and GAP is helping to waive the entire remaining loan balance of $19,466.64.

NEW! In Version 4 - EasyQuote

Preview your new one-screen tool for creating quotes!
Every quote is made on one screen and seamlessly coordinates with VisualGAP® Presentations.

See how EasyQuote works for all of your quotes!
EasyQuote for GAP
EasyQuote for GAP and Warranty
EasyQuote for GAP, Warranty and Credit Insurance
View a video demo

Exciting News for Clients with the Auto Advantage Program

Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR)

We have great news for all VisualGAP clients that provide complimentary Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) benefits for their borrowers that elect GAP. Frost has made arrangements with the ADR Administrator to streamline the benefit claim process in the event of a Total Loss GAP claim.

If there is a Total Loss GAP claim and the borrower has the ADR benefit, Frost will automatically submit the needed information to the ADR administrator which will simplify the claims process and allow us to "coordinate benefits" to make sure that the program is delivering more value for you and your borrowers

In situations where the vehicle is damaged and not a Total Loss or a GAP claim results in a $0 benefit, the borrower should continue to be directed to https://www.assuranceplus.com/Claims to submit their benefit request.


VisualGAP® offers online training sessions through GoToMeeting®. This is a very exciting way to re-train employees and train new hires on how to use VisualGAP®, and we believe it will have great benefits for everyone using the system. Here is a list of our up-coming Training Sessions:

Using VisualGAP®

How to use VisualGAP® - This training session will re-train employees or train new hires on how to use VisualGAP®.

Monthly Remittance

This session will train the employee who handles your GAP monthly remittance how to reconcile and remit payment.

Filing Claims

Basics of how GAP claims should be processed.

Contest Corner

You can win great prizes by entering our VisualGAP® contests! You will be awarded an entry into the contest each time you sell a GAP waiver. The more GAP waivers you sell through VisualGAP® the more opportunities you have to win.

You can enter to win by clicking on 'Update Profile' in the 'Contest Corner' tab and selecting "Yes, enter me in the VisualGAP® contests". Please make sure to check with management at your Financial Institution prior to enrolling in the contests. You can always change your selection by clicking on 'Update Profile' at a later date.


This is a win-win situation for both you and your Financial Institution. The more you sell the more opportunities you have to win, but you also help protect more borrowers and generate more fee income for your Financial Institution.

If your Financial Institution does not want to participate in Contest Corner, please call us at 888.753.7678 and we can turn off access to the current contests for all loan officers.

Marketing & Selling GAP with Confidence

GAP is a valuable and popular loan protection product that is designed to help protect auto loan borrowers and provide peace of mind. However, some recent industry news has highlighted the risk of sloppy marketing/sales tactics and reinforces the importance of marketing/selling GAP appropriately and accurately.

The following list of “Do's” and “Don'ts” will help ensure that your borrowers understand the product they are buying, and help keep your institution out of legal and regulatory hot water. Please share these best practices with your lending, marketing and compliance colleagues at your institution.

Download the list of “Do's” and “Don'ts”

TotalRestart Loyalty Membership Program

Frost has recently introduced an enhancement to our GAP program that can greatly increase the value of your GAP offering. Our new TotalRestart Loyalty Membership Program does more than just forgive a deficiency loan balance created by a theft or total loss. It helps borrowers replace their total loss vehicle with one similar to the one they originally purchased and financed with your Financial Institution.

Contact your local representative or email us to learn how you can significantly increase your GAP sales by adding clear value and benefits to your GAP offering. Additionally, increase loyalty after a total loss and ensure that the loan for the replacement vehicle ends up with your Financial Institution.

TotalRestart is available exclusively through VisualGAP®.

Letters of Guarantee (LOG) & Legal Jeopardy

How does the routine and common practice of signing a Letter of Guarantee with your borrower's physical damage insurance company become a legal nightmare for you? Simple. You signed up for it.

As is standard procedure, when a borrower totals his or her car, the insurance company sends the lien holder a summary letter and a document called a Letter of Guarantee (LOG). The Letter of Guarantee details what they will pay in return for releasing the title of the totaled auto. This letter is written by the insurance company and is, naturally, designed to protect their interests; however, it has the potential to jeopardize the interests, legal and financial, of you and your borrower──if you sign it!

Read here for details

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